Radar Records–a fine drum’n’bass label from Belgium that has consistently purveyed some of the hardest, most danceable d’n’b over the past two years. Several noteworthy artists seem to find a home for their tunes on the Belgian label like Netsky, DJ Marky, and Blame, to name a few. The label’s founder happens to be a spectacular DJ, [...]
Technotronic - Pump Up The Jam (Eptic Remix) [Radar]
Sound Of Stereo - Zipper (Crystal Clear Remix) [Radar]
Shameboy - Strobot (Netsky Remix) [Radar]
Frankly, Sound of Stereo’s 2009 EP release Zipper absolutely blew me away. Live, their big room electro sound pushes the limits of any dancefloor. Welp, sooner than expected they’ve released another EP, Flatland. While Zipper flaunted their ability to diversify throughout genres with great aspects of both tech-house and dubstep, Flatland [...]