Let’s face it… no one likes Mondays. Amidst the struggle of a lingering hangover and a heavy workflow, there is only one quick fix that can make today more bearable and perhaps even enjoyable: feel-good dance music. In our humble opinion, nu disco exemplifies just that. It is the resurgence of the synth-heavy disco that defined the 1970s [...]
Robin Thicke - Feel Good (Jean Tonique Remix) [Interscope]
Panama - Strange Feeling (Casino Rework)
Emmanuelle Seigner - You Think You're A Man (Yuksek Remix) [Universal]
Zimmer - Birds (March Tape)
Empire of the Sun has been unstoppable lately after the release of their hugely popular album Ice On the Dune earlier this year. They’ve recently announced that the next single from the album is DNA and have just released a remix EP with some major artists including Calvin Harris, Brodinski, Yuksek, Alex Metric, Ta-ku and The Aston [...]
Empire of the Sun - DNA (Calvin Harris Remix) [EMI]
Empire of the Sun - DNA (Yuksek Remix) [EMI]
Empire of the Sun - DNA (Brodinski Remix) [EMI]
Pierre-Alexandre Busson, aka Yuksek, is a French producer and DJ heralded as one of the leaders in the newest wave of French electro. After ten years of studying piano at The Conservatoire in Paris, Yuksek is now one of the most sought-after producers in the genre, having performed remixes for artists such as Phoenix, Gorillaz, Chromeo, [...]
C2C - Genius (Yuksek Remix)
Kasper Bjørke feat. Jacob Bellens - Sunrise (Yuksek Remix)
“Summer music” is a sound that has never really been defined, but it seems like everyone knows what the term means. The new Yuksek tune Off The Wall stands as the epitome of a chillin’ summer track, with agreeable male vocals and enough musicality to not be defined purely as a club track. The perfect tune for a fun-in-the-sun montage [...]
Yuksek - Off The Wall (Original Mix) [Savoir Faire]
Yuksek - Off The Wall (Pelican Fly Remix) [Savoir Faire]
Yuksek - Off The Wall (Cubic Zirconia Remix) [Savoir Faire]