Facebook is looking to challenge YouTube for online music video supremacy with the launch of their own in-house video player. An inside source has told Billboard that the social networking behemoth is currently in talks with major labels trying to sign licensing deals in order to launch its own set of music videos in direct competition [...]
After months of rumors expounded by Google and contractual conflicts with independent labels, the first version of YouTube’s ad-free subscription service, Music Key, has launched. The beta version is available by invitation only for the first test months but marks definitive steps at adding another streaming service to the internet [...]
Independent music on YouTube is due to take a major blow, as the streaming service announced it will be blocking content from artists and labels who haven’t signed up to its new ad-free subscription service that will be rolled out sometime later this summer. Few further details are available about YouTube’s as-yet-unnamed service, but [...]
When it comes to streaming music on your mobile device, there aren’t many free options for on-demand listening. Many of the apps with the largest music database also charge a fee for non-radio services. You might turn to YouTube, where you can almost always find the song you’re looking for. But this has its own problems: You can’t open [...]
Hello LT3-ers; we have officially launched our YouTube channel! That’s right–now you can get the latest and greatest in LessThan3 EDM tracks and artist interviews in an easily digestible YouTube format. New songs will be added daily, so be sure to subscribe so you don’t have to miss out on any of the action! Our page is located at [...]
Wolfgang Gartner - Anthology (Madeon Mashup)