British producer Ashley Wallbridge has spent the past few years firmly establishing himself as a major player in the EDM scene. His biggest tracks to date have included Mansion and DUI, both collaborations with Gareth Emery, and his latest release sees him return to Emery’s Garuda label. Yin-Yang is a mix of uplifting and big room [...]
Ashley Wallbridge - Yin-Yang (Original Mix) [Garuda]
Roman Zawodny really pulls some tricks out of his hat on his uber sweet remix of Nasty Chicks co-produced by the talented DJ Cristiao a.k.a. Christian Gasull Rodriguez of Torrent (Valencia, Spain) and Jesus Soblechero a.k.a. Jesus Roldan Soblechero of Segovia (Spain). This techno track is at its very best with funk and manic house [...]
Dj Cristiao & Jesus Soblechero - Nasty Chicks (Roman Zawodny Remix) [Yin Yang]