Swiss DJs Mike Candys (pictured) and Christopher S are not playing it neutral on the dancefloor. These two house hard-hitters have recently released Keep On Rockin’, a classic house throwback that fully utilizes the power of minimal foreground beats. The pair added a modern flair by starting build-ups with a rock ‘n roll-esque twist that [...]
Christopher S & Mike Candys feat MC X-Large - Keep On Rockin' (Original Mix) [Wombat]
The first time I heard Together Again, I thought I was maybe listening to a new David Guetta collaboration of some sort. Turns out I was wrong. Have a listen and I’m sure you’ll see why I thought that, though! It just has that Guetta signature sound that made his previous hits so successful. Well, it looks like someone is taking notice [...]
Mike Candys - Together Again (Club Mix) [Wombat]