NastyNasty is a name that has been shaking the west coast scene with a magnitude usually reserved for Richter scale readings. NastyNasty is a Bay area purveyor of that spectacular laser-bass sound that I love so much. He’s been in the scene a while and can often be seen collaborating with other area artists such as Eprom, Comma, NiT [...]
NastyNasty - Apologies
Salva - American Grime (NastyNasty Remix) [Made in Glitch]
NastyNasty - Dead Star
What I love about the Brainfeeder label is that they allow their artists to express themselves creatively, and by that I mean let them do whatever the f*ck they want. This philosophy holds true on Mono/Poly’s latest EP, Manifestations. It’s dark yet light, grimy yet delicate, and it’s got loads of personality. Straight from the beginning [...]
Mono/Poly - Forest Dark [Brainfeeder]
Mono/Poly - Needs Deodorant [Brainfeeder]
PANTyRAiD is the glorious EDM lovechild of producers Marty Folb aka MartyParty and Josh Mayer aka Ooah of Glitch Mob fame. A few days ago, they dropped Superior, a four track EP showcasing their west coast swag. Like Mimosa, who I recently did a write-up for, their music is the brand of EDM that gets people bumping and grinding. It [...]
PANTyRAiD - Jail Bait (Original Mix) [PANTyRAiD]
PANTyRAiD - Testarossa (Original Mix) [PANTyRAiD]
PANTyRAiD - Worship the Sun (Original Mix) [Marine Parade]
Popular alcoholic drink the “mimosa” takes its name from a bright tropical flower; if this very same flower produced dubstep, I wouldn’t be surprised if it sounded a lot like DJ Mimosa himself. A lot of current dubstep is very balls to the wall; a captivating melody here, a bassy drop there. A lot of west coast dubstep, however, is [...]
MiM0SA - 58 Degrees
MiM0SA - Get 'Em [Muti]
It always amazes me how many incredible producers go unnoticed by the EDM spotlight. Producer R/D for instance, a close friend of glitch hop collective The Glitch Mob, has been on the scene since the days of Squarepusher and Prefuse 73, but has only recently put out a formal release. Liquid Heart Keeper is a stunning showcase of the [...]
R/D - Spirit Coins
R/D - Neck Bites
R/D - Relation Ships