Improper spelling and emojis are how most of this generation communicates on a daily basis. We get both in Rustie’s chaotic new lyric video for Attak, featuring Danny Brown. Tuned to the mad, Highland beats of the young Scottish producer, the Peter Mardsen-directed video features the deranged Detroit rapper singing along to an almost [...]
Warp Records announced this week that Squarepusher will be releasing a collaborative EP with robots in April… no, really… robots. In Music For Robots, Squarepusher is pushing the boundaries between digital and analogue. By joining with a team of Japanese Roboticists lead by Kenjiro Matsuo in 2013, Jon Jenkinson (the man behind [...]
I’m fairly convinced that one of the major rappers (Kanye, Wayne, Jay-Z, etc.) is going to be rapping over a dubstep beat before the year is out. Dubstep beats are very similar in BPM and structure to grindy hip-hop beats, not to mention that avant-garde dubstep producer Rusko is rumored to be working with the likes of T.I. and Rihanna, [...]
Harmonic 313 - Dirtbox (Original Mix) [Warp]