Glasgow’s avant-garde beatsmith Hudson Mohawke gives us the first track off his forthcoming Lantern in the very vocal Very First Breath featuring Irfane. Ross Birchard, affectionately “HudMo” to his fans, shows his approachable side in the radio-ready Very First Breath. Catchy and light, it works beautifully as a bait hook for the rest [...]
Over the years, Richard D. James, better known as Aphex Twin, has been known to hoard massive amounts of unreleased music from his fans. After recently returning from a 10-year hiatus, it looks like the producer still has more to show in the form of a brand new, 13-track EP. Following the release of the Grammy-nominated Syro, a [...]
Glasgow’s Hudson Mohawke dialed down the dancefloor destroyer inside of him for Brainwave, an adventurous, ambient two-minute journey and the second reveal from his next batch of tunes. The vastly layered soundscape of Brainwave induces feels right away–most involving flying, whether outward or inward. While beautiful, it’s painfully [...]
Hudson Mohawke - Brainwave (Original Mix) [Warp]
Smile! After 13 years in the making, Aphex Twin’s (aka Richard D. James) long-awaited album, Syro, is finally available to stream on Spotify. Following weeks of cryptic guerrilla marketing (including a mysterious blimp, secretive street art, and online teasers), the album itself arrives as an enigmatic landscape of tenebrous techno and [...]
Flying Lotus revealed another new track, Coronus, the Terminator, off his forthcoming album You’re Dead!. It precedes two previously shared tracks off the release, Moment of Hesitation and Never Catch Me featuring Kendrick Lamar. Other collaborators on the album include Snoop Dogg, Herbie Hancock, Thundercat, and FlyLo’s rapping [...]
After not-so-subtly announcing the arrival of his new album, Aphex Twin (aka Richard D. James) recently spoke to Pitchfork to offer further details about his first full-length record in 13 years. Although fans were treated to a collection of unreleased Aphex Twin material earlier in the year, the new album, SYRO (pronounced “Sigh-ro” [...]
Glasgow’s god-like beatsmith Rustie revealed his forthcoming Green Language LP today in a digital journey through a block universe to collect all 13 track streams. For those who have never navigated a Minecraft-type environment before, just look with the cursor, move with the arrows (or W/A/S/D), and jump with spacebar (this is [...]
Two of music’s most well-loved oddballs offer their unique talents to the same track in Rustie’s Attak featuring spits from the borderline demented rap sensation Danny Brown. Rustie whips up a mean-mugging trap beat to stage Brown as he goes full Attak mode on the lyrics. The additional kicks and bass notes bring extra thump to the [...]
Starry-eyed Scottish producer Rustie revealed details of his sophomore LP, Green Language, along with an early peek at the album via lead single Raptor. Green Language, due August 26 via Warp, is the follow-up to 2011’s Glass Swords. Raptor was first debuted on Annie Mac’s BBC Radio 1 show on June 20, and finds Rustie doubling down on [...]
Experimental electronic artist patten conjures up an immersive multimedia experience for the debut of Drift, the lead single from the enigmatic musician’s next record ESTOILE NAIANT. Accompanying the cryptic, densely layered Drift video is a series of links, presumably meant to shed light on patten’s inspiration for the tune. Included is [...]
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