Brazilian talent Volkoder is set to return to Suara for his forthcoming Different Beat EP, and here at LessThan3 we’re lucky to have an exclusive first play of the title track. Hailing from Sao Paulo, Volkoder has already shone on Spain’s leading house label, bringing tracks such as Sex U and Big Ear to Suara in 2014, firmly planting [...]
Volkoder - Different Beat (Original Mix) [Suara]
Fresh off the success of a fruitful 2013, Volkoder returned today with People House, a new EP on Kittball, the indie German label run by Tube & Berger and Juliet Sikora. Writing off Marcos Benedetti, better known as Volkoder, because of his young age would be a grave error. The 23-year-old Brazilian has already released tracks on famed [...]
Volkoder - People House (Original Mix) [Kittball]
Volkoder - Do You Love (Original Mix) [Kittball]
Volkoder - Tension (Original Mix) [Kittball]