Welcome to the first edition of LessThan3’s Replay, an article containing the very best posts from the past few weeks including exclusive interviews, new music and staff favorites. Aside from our usual postings and insights, the LT3 crew has been working especially hard lately to bring you event coverage from around the country. Artwurk [...]
Claire Boucher aka Grimes is as brilliantly talented as she is adorable.There are many reasons why we just can’t get enough of her, and neither can the rest of the web apparently as her new music video for Genesis just went mega viral! Every single slide of this video glows with perfection, from the smooth transitions to the stylish [...]
When we first brought Gemini’s name to the site, the rhythmic mastermind had just released two amazing drum’n’bass songs and was headed in a promising direction; we’re glad to say we told you so. The talented producer has hit a new high by reinventing his freshman sound. His newest EP, Graduation, is an irrefutable departure from his [...]
Gemini - H.A.T.D. (Original Mix)
Gemini - Vision (Original Mix)
Gemini - Feel Me (Original Mix)