Don’t be scared off by the genre; not all trap is about gangstas and grillz. Chilled out, soulful trap music certainly exists, and one of the best to do it is Chicago-born producer Sound Remedy. He decided to take his turn remixing one of the biggest songs of the year, the breakout smash Video Games by Lana Del Rey, and he more than does [...]
Lana Del Rey - Video Games (Sound Remedy Remix)
Trap’s dynamic duo Flosstradamus have teamed up with Jersey Club champion DJ Sliink (pictured) to create the bombastic summer jam Test Me (free download here). The classic trap ingredients of 808 drums and flashing hi-hats are all present and mixed in with the vocal repeats and footwork stylings of Jersey Club, a more dance-friendly [...]
Flosstradamus & DJ Sliink - Test Me (Original Mix)
Flosstradamus - Lana's Theme (Original Mix)
Sinjin Hawke & DJ Sliink - Gas Pump (Original Mix)
Fast Foot is every responsible parent’s worst nightmare of who their children grow up to be. Just like a malignant cancer, this Russian crew is spreading some seriously dirty electro house around the globe. Although they aren’t very well known in the west, this fact is beginning to change. Not only have they constructed an impressive [...]
Fast Foot - 8Bit World (Original Mix)
Fast Foot - Donate (Original Mix)
Caudill & Turnipseed - Detroit is Dead (Fast Foot Remix)