Bassnectar is one of the rare acts in the EDM world who has built his own unique fanbase of diehards. This shouldn’t really come as a surprise though, considering not only the amount of shows this guy plays, but the frequency at which he puts out albums. One of the only artists who I’ll truly get excited to see an LP out from, Bassnectar [...]
Bassnectar - Ping Pong (Original Mix) [Amorphous]
Bassnectar feat Mimi Page - Butterfly (Original Mix) [Amorphous]
Bassnectar - Pennywise Tribute (Original Mix) [Amorphous]
Bassnectar has been thrilling fans for years with his eclectic sound. Now his music is perfectly aligned with what the mainstream wants, taking his career to new levels. While at Ultra, Lorin talked with us about his creative process, politics, & his famous head of hair.
Bassnectar feat Lupe Fiasco - Vava Voom (Original Mix) [Amorphous]