Trap-master UZ continues to evolve his style past the Trap Shit series with his new remix of Gia’s underground-favored woman-to-woman love anthem Only A Girl. Whereas the original mix of the track only snaps and spirals, UZ’s remix slides the rat-a-tat of 808s into the production, giving the track a much tougher feel than it once had. [...]
Gia - Only A Girl (UZ Remix) [Free Download]
Now that he has putting the finishing touches on his career-spanning Trap Shit series and turned to the future with the symbolic Frontier EP, UZ gave fans unprecedented access to the masked trap icon in a Reddit AMA. Just hours before answering questions, UZ released a massive BitTorrent Bundle of 45 tracks including some unreleased [...]
UZ - Frontier
UZ - Bubbles
UZ - Trap Shit V10
Most-known unknown trap lord UZ’s (pictured) remix for Slumberjack and KLP’s single The Others is a dark, deep, and booming production that showcases a more cinematic and ambient take on the genre. ​ The original dips and dives through genres including future bass, drum and bass, and festival-friendly trap. The remix, on the other hand, [...]
Slumberjack feat. KLP - The Others (UZ Remix) [Onelove]
After teasing fans by skipping straight to V24 of his Trap Shit series in March, masked trapster UZ unleashes the long-awaited collaborative V21 featuring 12th Planet. Trap Shit V21 hits fans as a free-to-download EP featuring the original track plus three searing remixes by bass peers Stooki Sound, AWE, and Om Unit. UZ’ latest [...]
UZ feat. 12th Planet - Trap Shit v21 (Original Mix) [Free Download]
UZ feat. 12th Planet - Trap Shit v21 (Stooki Sound Remix) [Free Download]
UZ feat. 12th Planet - Trap Shit v21 (AWE Remix) [Free Download]
UZ feat. 12th Planet - Trap Shit v21 (Om Unit Remix) [Free Download]
Welcome back to Trap Tuesdays! Are you ready to turn up for New Year’s Eve? Get hyped with this week’s playlist, and be sure to also listen to the Jack U remix of 7/11 by Beyonce. YOOK!E – Heater The drum production in YOOK!E’s Heater is downright insane! This is beast is a must-have for bassheads everywhere. Free Download OZZIE – IDNY [...]
YOOK!E - Heater
OZZIE - IDNY [Veyron Arche]
AWE - Griffin (King Henry Remix)
Vanessa Elisha - Ocean (Kuren Flip)
France’s DJ Troubl, suspected in certain circles of being the man behind masked trap artist UZ, posted to three of his long-quiet social media accounts today, including a new track on SoundCloud. Glitch Dat B*tch is an experimental bass oddity labelled under the SoudCloud “set” “The Lost Files VOL1″ and more importantly, one of just two [...]
DJ Troubl - Glitch Dat B*tch
photo: Rukes When bass music’s enigmatic enemy of weak-a$$ trap invaded the scene in 2012 with his Trap Shit series, few assumed we’d still find ourselves in the very same line of fire a year-and-a-half later. But here we are, still dumbfounded and full of bullet holes as the masked machine-gunner UZ stands knee-deep in brass emptying [...]
UZ - Trap Shit V17 [Mad Decent]
UZ - Trap Shit V18 [Mad Decent]
UZ - Trap Shit V20 [Mad Decent]
So you think you’re tough, huh, big guy? You think you could go toe-to-toe with the biggest and the baddest of ‘em all? Well, we’ve got the masked marauder UZ himself right here, and he’s telling everybody that you ain’t got No Stripes. Nah, just kidding–UZ’s a real sweetheart underneath that off-putting mask. The mysterious producer [...]
UZ - No Stripes (Original Mix)
We’re bringing you nothing but free downloads in this week’s edition of Trap Tuesdays for all the young Gs out there. Dig in and enjoy! Carvar & Clock – Flare (UFO! Remix) UFO! made this already-epic trap tune even more thrilling and powerful. Put on your seatbelt, because you’re in for one hell of a ride. Free Download ƱZ x Aazar – [...]
Carvar & Clock - Flare (UFO! Remix)
UZ x Aazar - Shake
A$AP Rocky feat. Drake, 2Chainz & Kendrick Lamar - Fuckin' Problems (Truth Remix)
Kasbo - The Wind-up Bird
Johnny Rain - iii (OZZIE & Hucci Remix)
Trap Tuesdays is back after a brief Burning Man hiatus last week! To make up for it, I’m serving up a double helping of real trap sh*t. Krewella – Party Monster (Original Mix) EDM all-star trio Krewella love hard dance, and their latest giveaway, Party Monster, is a downright fierce, hardstyle trap tune. They’re giving away this free [...]
Krewella - Party Monster (Original Mix)
Grandtheft feat Hedspin - Mobbin (Original Mix) [Mad Decent]
Crooks Cruz & Burn The Disco - Clay Ya Hands (Original Mix) [Buygore]
DVBBS & Borgeous - Tsunami (Stephan Jacobs Remix)
Hucci - Ball So Hard (HICK3Y Bootleg)
Buku - Bury Dem (Original Mix)
UZ & Clicks & Whistles - Bull Dozer (Original Mix)
Hoodie - El Mecanico (CORRUPTED DATA Remix)
Wizard - Who Am I (Original Mix) [Cream Collective]
Daughter - Smother (Clement!no Remix)
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