The newest track from hip hop/grime trio Foreign Beggars has just hit the world, and it’s produced by none other than the kings of sleazy seizure-step, Knife Party. Apex is a relentless, super heavy piece of moombahcore that combines the strengths of both groups. The hard, aggressive flow of the Beggars flows really well with the heavy [...]
Foreign Beggars - Apex (Original Mix) [Mau5trap]
Larry BAAAAM! has more than just a crazy name. He’s also got a proposition for you: “Imagine,” proffers the German minimal maestro, “I can take control over your body and mind! ..I quickly came to realize that I am capable of a lot more and I am going to share it with you all. I will lead you in the best times of your life.” Heavy words [...]
Larry BAAAAM! - Power of Cocaine (Original Mix) [040]
Warner Powers & Michael Paterson & Jay Kay - Uprising (Larry BAAAAM! Remix) [Caso Do Conde]
Larry BAAAAM! - Her Wrong Turn (Original Mix) [Caso Do Conde]