Further underscoring the worldwide trance phenomenon is the recent wave of astounding Japanese productions on the label Otographic Music. Coming from a nation known for the best quality cars, video games, and electronics, debuting March 2nd are Hiroyuki ODA’s latest uplifting jewels. Highlighting Hiro Kanzaki’s astonishing attention to [...]
Hiroyuki ODA - Impulsion (Original Mix) [Otographic Music]
Hiroyuki ODA - Ignite (Original Mix) [Otographic Music]
As a teenager, Matus Lenicky ate up the big beat grooves of Fatboy Slim and The Prodigy. Now, he lists among his favorite artists psy-mongers Shpongle and Infected Mushroom. He also happens to love movie scores. The world currently knows Matus as B-Complex. Intricate, eccentric and deep, his productions call upon a bevy of zany [...]
B-Complex - Beautiful Lies VIP (Original Mix) [Hospital]
Alright before we start getting into this one, hit that play button and start listening. I’ll wait, go ahead and listen for 30 seconds. Feel that weird sort of gentle paralysis? That’s the power of this dubsteppin mind controlling monster. Go ahead, eject your mind and relinquish control. NiT GriT has issued their command and you will [...]
NiT GriT - Dimethyltryptamine (Original Mix)