Pangaea seems to operate in a relaxed manner. His music may be crisp, tight, and jacked, but his pace of production is distinctly sedentary. While not generally a recommended tactic in an industry where individual releases are becoming steadily less profitable, this particular producer uses the scarcity of his material to his advantage, [...]
Pangaea - Hex [Hemlock]
Pangaea - Fatalist [Hemlock]
There was never any chance of the following release being underwhelming. Just look at the names involved. In Rockwell (pictured) you have one of the most forward-thinking drum’n’bass producers in the biz, while Joe is a UK bass guy who has been quietly stepping his way to stardom on the always fantastic Hessle Audio. Give them some [...]
Untold - Bones (Joe Remix) [SSSSS]
Untold - Bones (Rockwell Remix) [SSSSS]
If you’re a fan of UK garage, then you already know about Roska. The man has been making tasty beats for the better part of the last decade, but got serious only about it three or four years ago. Since then, his career has taken off. Roska has become an overnight sensation in the garage scene, playing at BBC Radio 1’s Sonar Festival in [...]
Roska & Untold - Long Range (Original Mix) [Numbers]
Roska - Squark (Original Mix) [Rinse]