Come out this Friday, February 10th, as we indulge in breaks, bass, and good vibes at Hollywood’s Boulevard’s King King nightclub! LA’s top breaks blog The Good Vibe is once again taking over the Hollywood venue with a cast of local talent and breaks music DJs from the UK. So what can we really expect at the Big Bass Allstar Variety [...]
Meat Katie - Bizarre Is Beautiful (Original Mix) [LOT49]
Peo de Pitte - Burning Up (Original Mix) [U&A]
As Phange previously noted, The Loops of Fury have, in a short amount of time, proven themselves among electro’s leading disrupters. While the boys of Brisbane may not have Porter’s 86,000 Facebook “Likes”, they’ve got more than a few tracks up their sleeve that have received plenty of electro love on Beatport (and chances are they’ll [...]
Elite Force - Be Strong (The Loops of Fury Remix) [U&A]
Sound Of Stereo - Diamond (The Loops of Fury Remix) [Lektroluv]
With names like Porter Robinson, Feed Me, and Skrillex leading the new electro charge, it may seem there isn’t too much room, talent-wise, for new names to squeeze in. However, that just means that whoever gets in is fan-freaking-tastic. Ladies and gentlemen, meet a duo who refuse to stay unknown: The Loops of Fury. Taking their name [...]
The Loops Of Fury - I Need (Original Mix) [U&A]
Hunter Vaughan - Krakken (The Loops of Fury Remix) [Death Proof]
I don’t think the Plump DJs know how to make bad music. Having wowed me from the first time I heard them in a corner stage at Ultra last year, these guys almost have their own genre of EDM to themselves, full of constantly morphing stutter rhythms and intricate melody lines. Their newest release on U&A Records, a remix of The Loops Of [...]
The Loops Of Fury - We Unfold (Plump DJs Remix) [U&A]
Hailing from the city of Stockholm, Sweden, DJ/producer Peo de Pitte has cooked up something special with his latest track, Burning Up. The track truly shines under Torqux & Twist’s remixing skills, and has received support by Annie Nightingale on BBC’s Radio 1. Crazy UK duo Torqux & Twist have been at it for a while in the dubstep scene [...]
Peo de Pitte - Burning Up (Torqux & Twist Remix) [U&A]