Twitter is taking a card from the SoundCloud playbook with the integration of their very own Audio Card app for iOS and Android. Users of SoundCloud will be immediately familiar with the minimizable audio app that allows you to continue to browse while the song plays. Twitter is utilizing the same service and partnering with third party [...]
Billboard announced today that they’ve teamed up with Twitter to launch Real-Time Charts tracking the social media site’s shares of trending music. Mixmag reports (via the Twitter Media Blog) that Billboard, the recognized standard in sales and popularity charts for music, looked to today’s leader in real-time information sharing to [...]
Twitter may be looking to boost its user growth and revive its previously failed music streaming efforts by purchasing SoundCloud. Re/code reports that, “… according to people familiar with both companies,” Twitter is considering a deal to buy the Berlin-based audio streaming platform recently valued at $700 million. Neither company has [...]
Previously on the site, you could create a new account or login via your facebook account. As of today, you have the option to sign in with any of your google, twitter, or myspace accounts as well. The only information we store for most providers is your username and url for your account on their site. For facebook and google we also [...]