Matthew Biggs, aka Zoo Brazil, has been writing music since he was a wee lad of 11 years old. He’s dabbled in all kinds of genres–from trance to melodic house to straight up tech. His newest release on Twin Turbo marks an entry into the world of minimal house beats, while not straying too far from other forms of the genre. Game Face is a [...]
Zoo Brazil - Game Face (Original Mix) [Twin Turbo]
Zoo Brazil - New York (Original Mix) [Twin Turbo]
It wasn’t long ago that names like Porter Robinson and Knife Party emerged on Beatport from seemingly nowhere. Some artists fade away in time, and others manage to stay in the spotlight thanks to their enduring production skills and creativity. Either way, it’s always a thrill to hear something buzzworthy from a total unknown. Lucky for [...]
Donovans - Rise & Fall (Original Mix) [Twin Turbo]
Donovans - Rise & Fall (SCNTST Remix) [Twin Turbo]