If you’re not familiar with Tone Of Arc by now, then 2013 will be the year they sweep you off your feet. The talented pair is quickly rising up the ranks of No.19, packing the label catalog with a weird but sexy deep house funk that’s turning plenty of heads in the musical community. Now, after a much-talked about set at the BPM [...]
Tone Of Arc - Fallow Your Heart (Original Mix) [No.19]
Tone Of Arc - Mile High (Original Mix) [No.19]
Tone Of Arc - PTAH (Original Mix) [No.19]
Remember that infamous scene from Silence Of The Lambs? The one with Buffalo Bill’s, ahem, full frontal. And who can forget the eerie synth-pop of Q Lazzarus in the background? Goodbye Horses will forever be ingrained in pop culture memory, and now Tone Of Arc have taken it to the dance floor with a remake on Johnny White’s No.19 label. [...]
Tone Of Arc - Goodbye Horses (Original Mix) [No.19]
Tone Of Arc - Shaking The Sky (Original Mix) [No.19]