Nick Edwards is Drivepilot, trash electro producer and label owner that likes to go a little harder than your typical electro act. Hailing from Vancouver, Canada, currently based in Portland in the U.S. of A, Drivepilot boasts a large number of tracks under his belt, releasing primarily on his own label, Traction Records. No stranger to [...]
Drivepilot - Money (Original Mix)
The Mastertrons - Attack the Train (Drivepilot Remix) [Shake Your Ass]
A lot of times when describing a hot new dubstep, fidget, or even electro house song people will immediately talk about how dirty or grimy the track is. Personally, I find it sort of ironic that “filth” and “grime” are now things that we look for in our music. The Italian based electro duo The Mastertrons, on the other hand, see it as [...]
Shax - I Get Dirty (Mastertrons Remix) [CRUX]