Not even twenty years old, Melé has created more buzz with his music than any of his teenage contemporaries could possibly imagine, save one duo from south London named Disclosure. Both Disclosure and Melé have seen an unprecedented rise in popularity over the past year with with both acts getting considerable exposure from BBC Radio 1 [...]
Disclosure - Tenderly (Mele Remix)
As music technology is becoming more accessible, kids have started producing electronic music at a much earlier age. This is the case for London’s Guy and Howard Lawrence–two brothers just 19 and 16 years old, respectively, that go by the name Disclosure. Their newest hit Tenderly is a soul-affected tune that hearkens back to early [...]
Disclosure - Tenderly (Original Mix) [Make Mine]
Disclosure - Flow (Original Mix) [Make Mine]
Disclosure - Flow (Amusement Remix) [Make Mine]