I love those occasions when I accidentally stumble across a fantastic track. Follow a few links around and somehow you end up discovering something great. This time around I was digging for a fresh new remix I heard–once I find it I’ll be posting it, don’t worry–when I found Tokyo Blue Pipe, a beautifully twisted original mix by Japanese [...]
Nhato - Tokyo Blue Pipe (Original Mix)
And now for a track that has been out for a couple of months, but is still having some major dance floor impact. I most recently heard tech trance DJ Simon Patterson open with this banger at Gareth Emery’s 100th Podcast Episode at Sankey’s in Manchester, UK. Check out the Scot Project remix of “Global Code” by Greg Downey below. Do [...]
Wezz Devall has shown up on the trance scene rather quickly after his track “Free My Willy” got named Tune of the Week on Armin van Buuren’s latest A State Of Trance radio show this past week. I really like his sound, so I did a little research into some of his other tracks and found the massive “Monster Wave,” out now on Mostly [...]