The notorious tech maestros W&W just don’t take a break, do they? Whether it’s broadcasting their Mainstage podcast or cranking out big room monsters in the studio like Mainstage, AK-47, and Arena, the guys have today’s sound of tech down to an art. This fall, the duo made up of Wardt van der Harst & Willem van Hanegem went to the next [...]
W&W - Dome (Taylor & Close Remix) [Armada]
W&W - Do Not Skip (Album Version) [Armada]
W&W feat Ana Criado - Three O'Clock (Original Mix) [Armada]
Mixmag wasn’t kidding when they called Taylor & Close “the new standout name in trance.” We first caught wind of the duo when they released their breakout remake of the trance classic Cafe del Mar. Now, the young Welshmen have returned with freshly minted originals that are festival ready. When Sander van Doorn dropped Taylor & Close’s [...]
Taylor & Close - Come With Us (Original Mix) [Spinnin']
Taylor & Close - Colour to Colour (Original Mix) [Musical Madness]
Some of you probably saw the track in this post and are going, “Oh God, not another Cafe Del Mar remix!” But you might be pleasantly surprised. Taylor & Close’s 2010 interpretation brings a fun and fresh twist to this amazing trance classic. The original was released in 1993 by German trance duo Energy 52 – you can watch the official [...]
Taylor & Close - Cafe Del Mar 2010 (Original Mix) [CGI]