When Melbourne bounce and big room house collide, you tend to get wild, upbeat party music, and for a case in point, here is Philly producers Taurus & Vaggeli’s new track Dirty Mama. Melbourne bounce borrows a lot of its sound from Dutch house which is clearly present in Dirty Mama with it’s high-pitched synths and immense levels of [...]
Taurus & Vaggeli - Dirty Mama (Original Mix) [Crowd Records]
Having rocked house and techno beats since 2006, two dudes from Philly known as Taurus & Vaggeli are heavy hitters for Mark Knight‘s Toolroom Records. Officially known as Leon Weingrad & Angelo Bratsis, this duo has recently announced an upcoming album to showcase their tracks. Striking up a massive storm in the trance and progressive [...]
Matt Darey feat Kate Louise Smith - Black Canyon (Taurus & Vaggeli Remix) [Nocturnal Global]
Adam Sheridan - GMT-8 Los Angeles (Taurus & Vaggeli Remix) [Electrik Playground]