Following the footsteps of Felguk, Eduardo & Marcus, aka Dirtyloud, have been unleashing a Brazilian onslaught of electro with a wobbly slant, much to the delight of our, and Tim Healey at Surfer Rosa’s ears. Find out what sound the duo is making now in our exclusive interview.
Dirtyloud feat Sirreal - Needle (Original Mix) [Surfer Rosa]
Once again, another disgustingly good hit has arrived on Tim Healey’s rising label Surfer Rosa, and we are stoked to tell you about it. With a sincere appreciation for dubstep’s filthy nature, two seriously dirty maggot-munchers from Brazil known to the authorities as Dirtyloud cranked out a brutalizing remix of Tim Healey and [...]
Tim Healey vs Calvertron - Rock It Roll It (Dirtyloud Remix) [Surfer Rosa]
Fresh off of Tim Healey’s Surfer Rosa label comes a new electro smash from canadian DJ/producer Nom De Strip, a favorite of acts like Laidback Luke and David Guetta. In true current electro fashion, he has teamed up with an MC, this time using UK rhymer Loc-E. The best part of this track is the drop, without question. Hearing the [...]
Nom De Strip feat Loc-E - Step Back (VIP Vocal Mix) [Surfer Rosa]