You might remember a while back when Toothless brought you an experimental drum’n’bass sensation by the name of Feint. Now the young prodigy from Manchester is back with some with forward-thinking dnb in the form of the Horizons EP. Serene and warm in nature, the EP take the listener on an audacious journey. As you could probably tell [...]
Feint feat Veela - Horizons (Original Mix) [Subsphere]
Feint feat Veela - Horizons (Moleman Remix) [Subsphere]
Feint feat Veela - Horizons (Stan SB Remix) [Subsphere]
Feint is a young drum’n’bass producer out of Manchester, and while there’s a literal ton of d’n’b coming out of the UK at any given moment, this kid is surely onto something special. His style (at least on his most recent release) is incredibly liquid, pulling influences from all over the place with an overall summer festival [...]
Feint - Clockwork Hearts (Original Mix) [Subsphere]
Feint - Clockwork Hearts (Hivemynd Remix) [Subsphere]
Feint - Sparks (Original Mix) [Subsphere]