Danish producer Galimatias has been on LT3’s radar since he dropped the superb Luna Soul EP, a wicked collection of garage-inspired downtempo. As a result, it brings us great pleasure to announce the release of a new Galimatias EP, Strawberries, on our very own LessThan3 Recordings. Strawberries is a dreamy, chilled out track that is [...]
Galimatias - Strawberries (Original Mix) [LessThan3]
Galimatias - Strawberries (Madeux Remix) [LessThan3]
Night Slugs have unearthed a real gem in Jam City, who delivers on the immense promise of his first few 12″s with what has to be be one of the most creative debut LPs in recent years. Drawing on the full 40+ years of electronic music history, he somehow manages to perfectly marry vintage flourishes with bleeding-edge stylings, crafting [...]
Jam City - How We Relate To The Body (Original Mix) [Night Slugs]
Jam City - Hyatt Park Nights Pt. 1 (Original Mix) [Night Slugs]
Jam City - Strawberries (Original Mix) [Night Slugs]