Begging the question of why “Star Wars plug-in” isn’t a thing easily found by dance producers scouring Pirate Bay for next-level Ableton tools, Barcelona-based producer Eclectic Method has created Chewie Tune. Yes, it’s a track that sets dialogue snippets and wailing Chewbacca tones from Star Wars films, and yes, it’s absolutely great. [...]
One of the more nostalgic tunes in recent memory, Flux Pavilion has remixed Rebels Theme from the classic Star Wars film series. With drums and bass galore, Flux Pavilion takes us on a trip down memory lane as he puts his own twist on Star Wars’ “Rebels Theme.” An unexpectedly bouncy drop highlights the track with the occasional wub [...]
Lazerdisk Party Sex, or LDPS for short, is made up of two Vermont natives by the names of Pres, who is wearing the neck-tie, and ZJ, who is sporting the bow-tie. The two joined forces in early 2010,and have quickly developed a strong core following. They perform in stormtrooper helmets, which is just plain awesome, but one also wonders [...]
Lazerdisk Party Sex - Lemonade Is Still Popular