Mysterious techno label Komisch is, to quote Disney’s Aladdin of all things, a “diamond in the rough.” The world of underground techno is replete with countless indistinguishable Eastern Europeans with obscure names and remarkably similar takes on 4/4 minimalism, tailor-made for soundtracking the early hours in Budapest or Krakow. Very [...]
SP-X - The Escape (Original Mix) [Komisch]
SP-X - Stalker (Original Mix) [Komisch]
SP-X - Attack Pattern (Original Mix) [Komisch]
Futureboogie started out as a promotion company with a single club night some eight years ago in Bristol. Now they manage over thirty artists, broadcast radio shows in four countries, and as of 2011 run Futureboogie Recordings, a label formed primarily as a vehicle for rapidly rising star of the UK house scene Julio Bashmore but which is [...]
Christophe & Lukas - Teardrops (Original Mix) [Futureboogie]
Christophe & Lukas - Stalker (Original Mix) [Futureboogie]
Christophe - The Force (Lukas Remix) [Futureboogie]