“The underground is bigger than the mainstream” is the powerful point made by Insomniac’s first ever film The Electric Daisy Carnival Experience. Screening in theatres for one night only on August 4th, director Kevin Kerslake’s well-produced and edited documentary about the 2010 EDC held in Los Angeles shares the same attention to detail [...]
Kaskade & Tiesto feat Haley - Only You (Kaskade Remix)
12th Planet & SPL - Lootin' 92 (Original Mix) [SMOG]
Moby - Lie Down in Darkness (Arno Cost Remix) [Little Idiot]
2010 has seen some absolutely show-stopping grimy dubstep basslines. However, the songs that have stood out the most for me have been those that take a more experimental approach to the genre. These tracks prove that the traditional dubstep bassline is still very necessary, but best when served alongside something with a bit more depth. [...]
SPL - In Memory [Hollow Point]