From homeless musician to movie soundtrack producer, Skrillex has really come a long way in only two years. I doubt even the long-haired wonderboy of bass could have predicted he would be producing music for a Disney movie in such a short time, but here we are. Straight off the Wreck-It Ralph soundtrack comes Bug Hunt, and while the [...]
Skrillex - Bug Hunt (Noisia Remix) [Walt Disney]
Daft Punk couldn’t have returned at a better time as EDM has exploded the world over since their glorious masterpiece Alive 2007. These droids have certainly remained deep in our hearts as we have all eagerly awaited the return of their dynamic beats. Finally returning to the studio, the two have just released the soundtrack for the [...]
Daft Punk - End Of Line [Walt Disney]
Daft Punk - Fall [Walt Disney]
Daft Punk - TRON Legacy (End Titles) [Walt Disney]