Never has the state of bass music been so robustly healthy and multifaceted as it is today, allowing artists to evade classification and monotony by blending the best of what the bass world has invented over the past 10 years. Nobody understands this concept right now better than OWSLA’s Nick Thayer. The Australian aficionado of boom [...]
Judging from the title of his new EP, Rod Modell, better known as Deepchord, has obviously taken the imminent closure of Amsterdam’s cannabis coffee shops to tourists pretty badly. As if Hash Bar Remnants Pt. 1 wasn’t straightforward enough, tracks such as Amsterdam Remnant 1 chase off any lingering ambiguity. This is for those who like [...]
Deepchord - Amsterdam Remnant 1 [Soma]
Deepchord - Amsterdam Remnant 2 [Soma]
So I was searching around the internet trying to find a picture of the brilliant producer I’ve discovered named George F. Zimmer but couldn’t find anything but this cowboy hat with a lit up EL wire wrapped around it. Heck all I found was this short, silly autobiography about a cowboy from Hyattsville, Maryland who one day bought a iMac, [...]
George F. Zimmer - Soma (Original Mix) [Unreleased Digital]
George F. Zimmer - Tabora (Original Mix) [Unreleased Digital]
George F. Zimmer - Tansania (Original Mix)