Adam K (pictured, left) is selective to say the least when choosing who to produce his famed progressive sound with. Before this month the exclusivity of this club was limited to only three other producers: BT, Soha, and Kaskade–each time producing mega-hits such as Tomahawk, Twilight, and Raining, respectively. This time he’s gotten [...]
Adam K & Frederik Mooij - In A Mirror (Original Mix) [Sneakerz MUZIK]
Tommy Trash is nothing short of talented. Hailing from Australia’s EDM scene, he’s known for his hype-a-delic styling of epic house music. He’s been around for a while, but don’t let that fool you, it hasn’t dulled his music in the least; it’s refined it, if anything. Now has given us a special piece of free EDM awesome to [...]
Gypsy & The Cat - Jona Vark (Tommy Trash Remix)
Tommy Trash & Sebastien Lintz - Voodoo Groove (Original Mix) [Sneakerz MUZIK]
Boy, do I love some nasty Dirty Dutch music. It’s been a while since I’ve posted a Dutch house track, though, because the genre doesn’t tend to have my focus as much as it once did. Well, focus realigned. Presenting Oliver Twizt’s new Dutchterpiece Double D, featuring Moroccan rapper/DJ Casablanca Connect. As the title might suggest, [...]
Oliver Twizt feat Casablanca Connect - Double D (Original Mix) [Sneakerz MUZIK]
No bells. No whistles. Just the essentials. Stripping the vocal tracks off of a song often leaves it naked, dangling in the wind, shy, blushing. This Bingo Players track is just the opposite, standing comfortably alone in all its glory. This property is always a testament to the true quality of the song, and Bingo Players’ mastery of [...]
Bingo Players feat Dan'thony - I Will Follow (Instrumental Mix) [Sneakerz MUZIK]
Suzanne Vega is a famous American singer-songwriter who became most well-known for her track Tom’s Diner, which was first a folk hit and later a dance hit when remixed by DNA in 1990. The vocals that she does in this track are highly recognizable, which is always a good reason to use them as a sample in a remix. You may have heard of [...]
Bingo Players - Tom's Diner (Original Mix) [Sneakerz MUZIK]