With an original from Nadia Ali, and the remix coming from Myon & Shane 54, the bar is set pretty high. Luckily, and perhaps inevitably, this bar has been met. To Myon and Shane 54: bravo. To Nadia Ali: call me? Nadia, a Pakistani-American singer-songwriter, is no stranger to the dance scene. Early in her career, Ali worked alongside [...]
Nadia Ali - Triangle (Myon & Shane 54 Classic Extended Mix) [Smile In Bed]
Just coming off the massive success of his recent single Seek Bromance and his #39 ranking in the DJMag poll, Avicii is back with a big remix of Nadia Ali’s classic tune Rapture. Back in 2001, the original track peaked at #2 on the UK singles chart and launched the young Pakistani-American’s career into the international spotlight. She’s [...]
Nadia Ali - Rapture (Avicii New Generation Extended Mix) [Smile In Bed]