Bogtrotter hails from Minneapolis, but it sounds more like he’s emerged from a slimy test tube from an Area 51 laboratory. His trippy, drippy downtempo and menacing, experimental breaks have been leaving a soaked trail of grime and slop across Shanti Planti and Merkaba Music this past year. But his latest EP, Catawompus, has completed [...]
Bogtrotter - Cosmojig (Original Mix) [Shanti Planti]
Bogtrotter - Catawompus (Original Mix) [Shanti Planti]
Bogtrotter - Rhythms (Original Mix) [Shanti Planti]
Although the relatively new, Internet-only label Shanti Planti already has a few releases under its belt, the upcoming compilation, Rhythm Code, feels like the collective’s first full-fledged mission statement, packed with the midtempo breaks, downtempo dub, and experimental sound design that it hopes will push the boundaries of [...]
Mumukshu - Contact Code (Original Mix) [Shanti Planti]
Quanta - Emanations (Original Mix) [Shanti Planti]
Somatoast - Jerry's Mind (Original Mix) [Shanti Planti]
Sixis & Shwex - Continuity Field (Original Mix) [Shanti Planti]
For those bitter singles on Valentine’s Day, there was enough great music released over the weekend without lyrics like “baby you’re the one,” “all that I want is you,” or “that salmon you’re cookin’ really gets me in the mood,” that you could’ve spent all day completely forgetting your fear of commitment. One of the better releases was [...]
Whitebear - Depth Charge [Shanti Planti]
Whitebear - Depth Charge (Auma Remix) [Shanti Planti]