Once upon a time Shadow Child was an electro house disciple, but this is easy to forget when listening to the deeper house productions that have put his name on the map. Adding another remix to his repertoire is a classic house spin on Mary J. Blige’s Right Now, which was originally produced by Disclosure. Shadow Child favors a [...]
Life is good as a duke. This holds especially true for Duke Dumont, the Grammy-nominated producer who seems to have a limitless amount of hit songs at his disposal. His most recent single, Won’t Look Back, is undoubtedly one of the songs of the summer; the new remix by UK producer Shadow Child (pictured) might be even more irresistible. [...]
If you thought the days of listening to Get Lucky remixes were over, guess again. Don’t worry, though; this isn’t some generic, banger-style edit. It’s a fantastic deep house restyling of Daughter’s incredible indie cover, courtesy of Shadow Child. When Daughter first dropped their chilled, airy cover of Daft Punk’s Get Lucky last April, [...]
Daughter - Get Lucky (Shadow Child VIP)
T. Williams (pictured) and Shadow Child want you to fall in love on the dancefloor with Want You To, their sleek, collaborative contribution to PMR Records’ 20 Square Feet In Action compilation. Williams himself is the curator of 20 Square Feet, so of course he sets the bar exceptionally high with Want You To, which lifts its vocal hook [...]
T. Williams & Shadow Child - Want You To (Original Mix) [PMR]
SubSoul is a cool fusion of house music’s stately spirit, alluring soulful vocals, rich warm chords, and classic garage sophistication, all wrapped up in contemporary low-end techniques. Delving deep and exploring dance music’s sturdiest roots, the SubSoul sound is just as stimulated by the soulful New York grooves laid down by house [...]
Shadow Child feat. Typer - 23 [Food Music]
George Fitzgerald - Thinking Of You [Hotflush]
The Golden Boy - Do You [MadTech]
It’s been almost four years since Alix Perez released his debut album 1984 on Shogun Audio, showcasing his eclectic style of music production. Throughout his eight-year career, the Belgian producer has crafted bangers ranging from hip hop to indie electronica, but is most recognized for his work in the hyper-paced genre that is drum & [...]
Alix Perez feat. Sam Wills - Annie's Song (Radio Edit) [Shogun Audio]
Alix Perez feat. Sam Wills - Annie's Song (Shadow Child Remix) [Shogun Audio]
Ali Perez feat. D.ablo - We Could Have Been (Original Mix) [Shogun Audio]
Dirtybirds rejoice! Early Friday morning, dirtybird and its roster of audio pioneers announced that they will begin a world tour next month. Celebrating eleven years of “bass-driven funk, sweaty house and dance floor carnage,” the Bay Area house label promises that the shows will have “forties and neck ties, ghetto blasters and golf [...]
It didn’t take long for Shadow Child to get the attention of the dirtybird crew, and since releasing his first EP on that label less than a year ago, he has had four more releases, each with a different label. The newest EP, simply named 23, came out as the first release on Shadow Child’s own label, Food Music. The title track is a [...]
Shadow Child feat Tymer - 23 (Original Mix) [Food Music]
Shadow Child - The Verdict Part 2 (Original Mix) [Food Music]
Tom Flynn & Shadow Child - Drive Hero (Original Mix) [Deleted]
Sub Focus is one of the few drum & bass producers that is constantly expanding the boundaries of EDM. From his innovative live-sets incorporating motion sensors and iPad controllers to his meticulous production techniques, the drum & bass prodigy has been pushing the envelope of creativity since his debut back in 2003. As the [...]
Sub Focus feat Alpines - Tidal Wave (Chuckie Remix) [Mercury]
Sub Focus feat Alpines - Tidal Wave (Original Mix) [Mercury]
Sub Focus feat Alpines - Tidal Wave (KillSonik Remix) [Mercury]