Travis Stewart, aka Berlin-by-way-of-NYC bass music ambassador Machinedrum, has been as busy as ever. This year alone he’s released two EPs (SXLND on LuckyMe, Nastyfuckk on The Index), produced tracks for Azealia Banks, and has been touring the world as a solo act, as half of Sepalcure, and now with his latest project, Jets, with Jimmy [...]
Machinedrum - Diablooo (Alarma 2) (Original Mix) [LuckyMe]
Machinedrum - Whatnot (Original Mix)
Jets - Lock Lock Key Key (Original Mix) [Leisure System]
Travis Stewart and Praveen Sharma have had quite a year. Not only have they both released high-level solo efforts, in particular Stewart, whose Room(s) LP under his Machinedrum moniker is a strong album of the year contender, but they have also treated the world to a few tantalizing hints of their potential as collaborators. Pencil [...]
Sepalcure - Pencil Pimp (Original Mix) [Hotflush]
Sepalcure - I'm Alright (Original Mix) [Hotflush]
After 2010’s Step In Shadows and Soundboy Shift, SBTRKT is back on Young Turks with a third bruisin’ stepper in collaboration with usual suspect Sampha. The success of their Break Off/Evening Glow EP last June set the bar pretty high for the two Londoners but rest assured, Living Like I Do does not disappoint. The A-side is a breakneck [...]
SBTRKT feat Sampha - Living Like I Do (Original Mix) [Young Turks]
SBTRKT feat Sampha - Look at Stars (Machinedrum Remix) [Young Turks]