Part complextro, part uplifting progressive, and all-around talented, an underground act known as Miami Life is delivering one quality production after another. The DJ trio based out of Miami Beach seems like they may aspire to be the American reincarnation of Swedish House Mafia, delving into all kinds of electronic music such as [...]
Miami Life - Are You Ready (Original Mix)
Avicii - Seek Bromance (Miami Life Remix)
Coldplay - Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall (Miami Life Remix)
Well it looks like my Bromance with Avicii is going to continue well into 2011. Already spinning an elusive, unreleased set of tracks sure to blow your mind, the first of his arsenal for 2011 has finally made it into our hands. Street Dancer has once again shown what Avicii is best at–making unadulterated hits and blurring genre lines. [...]
Avicii - Street Dancer (Original Mix)
Avicii - Seek Bromance (Digital LAB & Pedro Henriques 2011 Remake)
Back in May, Toothless posted about the Avicii/Tim Berg track Bromance, which subsequently became a major house hit. Now Armada has taken the reins, attempting to make this record a pop crossover hit with the new name Seek Bromance (buy it here), and I think they’ve done a damn good job of it. What’s the first secret to making a house [...]
Tim Berg - Seek Bromance (Avicii's Vocal Extended Mix) [Armada]