Evan Chandler, aka Brisbane’s yung funk master Slynk, will drop his next album Aug. 14, and LessThan3 has the exclusive premiere of two of its finest grooves in Say Yeah and the title track, Front Yard Futon. The album itself carries the feel of stopping by Slynk’s place unannounced. It’s finding the first piece of furniture on his [...]
If you’ve ever listened to a smash-hit big room track and said, “man, I could make better music while playing with my dick,” here’s your chance to prove it. UK producer Bong Iguana recently emerged from the lavat…err, laboratory with proof of this claim culled from super-scientific experiments in slapping his member on the toilet seat. [...]
Mr. Bill’s latest release, IRL, may be his most emotive album yet. Don’t fret, party people–this is still danceable glitch-funk through and through, packed with Mr. Bill’s signature swing rhythms, finger snaps, beeps, and bloops. There’s no indication that he isn’t making these songs in a bounce-house, bunny hopping with his laptop in [...]
Mr. Bill - Use Me [SectionZ]
Mr. Bill - Peaceful Beginnings [SectionZ]
Mr. Bill & VideoCat - Rusty Wonderland [SectionZ]
Mr. Bill is a machine. Between constant touring, extensive online Ableton Live tutorials, collaborating with every underground glitch hop producer under the sun, and staying in touch with his fans on Facebook, he’s finally decided to be sensible with his workload–and make another album (presumably while all other obligations, [...]
Just last week, Zedd announced the winner of his Spectrum Remix Contest on Beatport, and it’s my punny friend Shreddie Mercury! As a way of thanks to his fans, Shreddie has decided to release a new song for free on his SoundCloud. Powerglove: Pt. 2 appropriately borrows from its name and features a blend of 8-bit sounds, Shreddie’s usual [...]
Shreddie Mercury - Powerglove: Pt. 2 (Original Mix)
Shreddie Mercury - Mount Cleverest (Original Mix) [SectionZ]