Tommy Trash is nothing short of talented. Hailing from Australia’s EDM scene, he’s known for his hype-a-delic styling of epic house music. He’s been around for a while, but don’t let that fool you, it hasn’t dulled his music in the least; it’s refined it, if anything. Now has given us a special piece of free EDM awesome to [...]
Gypsy & The Cat - Jona Vark (Tommy Trash Remix)
Tommy Trash & Sebastien Lintz - Voodoo Groove (Original Mix) [Sneakerz MUZIK]
Darren Sheehan is an Irish DJ/producer who knows how to bring it. Also known as Dashka, his unparalleled creativity has given him a unique sound that sets him apart from the pack. Learn more about this rising talent in our exclusive LessThan3 interview.
Dashka & Sebastien Lintz - Nubia (Original Mix) [Cr2]