Swedish producer Sebastian Brandt has been kicking out some solid releases for the best part of a decade, and after a solid run on A State Of Trance Recordings, he’s now become part of the Monster family with his latest release Repercussion. It’s a mix of classic uplifting trance melodies–including a killer supersaw riff–and some more [...]
Sebastian Brandt - Repercussion (Original Mix) [Monster Force]
Who brought the caffeine to this single? Swedish producer Sebastian Brandt has long been a staple of uplifting trance, and with Java on Onova’s ambitious new label Ncore, he proves that the association continues unbroken. The original mix of Java is a peppy-sounding uplifter that ticks off all the boxes in the list of uplifting track [...]
Sebastian Brandt - Java (Original Mix) [Ncore]
Sebastian Brandt - Java (Chris Metcalfe Remix) [Ncore]