Whoa! What year am I in? Yeah, yeah, 2012, I know; I was listening to the new Simpleton release, and things got a little wild. Listening to Sympathetic Chords, I couldn’t help but get lost between the bass and the synthwork. Crybaby, despite the tune’s title, is an uplifting futurebass track that carries you on the wings of masterful [...]
Simpleton - Crybaby (Original Mix)
Simpleton feat sAuce - Robe Rash (Original Mix)
sAuce & Simpleton - Octopus Footwork (Original Mix) [Far Arden]
It’s been a little while since LessThan3 has checked in on sAuce. For those of you who know me, you know that whether on my spaghetti, bowling release, or on my speakers–my philosophy is that you can never have too much sAuce! I already know and like sAuce; I’ve written a review of his sound once before. His first official LP, Forge [...]
sAuce feat Burny Kutter - Ancient Anguish (Original Mix)
sAuce - Lullabytes Of Memory (Original Mix)
sAuce - The Benihana Experience (Original Mix)
Glitch hop is a genre dominated by no one type of sound. In fact, the deeper I delve into the genre, the more diverse I find it to be. In this way, glitch hop strikes me as an important middle step in the evolution of EDM. Most glitch hop artists have a pretty eclectic sound; today I want to talk about one in particular named sAuce. The [...]
sAuce feat SounSiva - I've Missed You