On Saturday November 4th, Markus Schulz made the lives of the employees at Marquee Las Vegas just a tad more stressful, when hundreds of EDM fans tested the capacity of the new venue. The trance hero was willing to prove their efforts weren’t in vain by delivering a glorious performance that turned thinkers into believers. Blake Jarrell [...]
Markus Schulz pres. Dakota - Katowice (Mr. Pit Remix) [Coldharbour]
Markus Schulz pres. Dakota - Saints (Arnej Remix) [Coldharbour]
Markus Schulz pres. Dakota - In a Green Valley (Basil O'Glue Remix) [Coldharbour]
The successful return of LovEvolution on September 24th has shown that the San Fran’s thriving EDM community is very alive and well. With the day portion showcasing the bay area’s variety of dance clubs, the nighttime afterparty became the premier highlight of the celebration. Transforming the 20,000-capacity Oracle Sports Arena in [...]
Gareth Emery & Ashley Wallbridge - Mansion (Original Mix) [Garuda]
Markus Schulz pres. Dakota - Saints (Beat Service Remix) [Coldharbour]
Dash Berlin feat Emma Hewitt - Waiting (Dash Berlin 4AM Mix) [Armada]
The one and only Markus Schulz was dubbed by fans The Unicorn Slayer after experiencing the relentless DJ’s new live sound. With so many spectacular artist albums out this summer, his newly released Thoughts Become Things II stands out among the rest for its haunted nature. Now in the second chapter, this LP takes you on a trip through [...]
Markus Schulz pres. Dakota - Red Star (Album Mix) [Coldharbour]
Markus Schulz pres. Dakota - Saints (Album Mix) [Coldharbour]
Markus Schulz pres. Dakota - Tears (Album Mix) [Coldharbour]