Australia continues to churn out classic rhythm and blues-adoring dancefloor champions as Sable’s latest single Like You (Girl) sounds 20 years old, but also amazingly right on time. Chunky breaks, soulful vocals, and plaintive melodic leads were key to the excellence of Jermaine Dupri’s actually quite influential So So Def Bass [...]
Sable feat. Floria - Like You (Girl) (Original Mix) [Pilerats]
Mark Johns (pictured), a misleading name for the up-and-coming female singer, balled so hard In Paris, her cover of Jay Z and Kanye West’s track N***a’s In Paris, that mother f****ers wanna fine her. Produced by Australian beatmaker Sable, In Paris is virtually unrecognizable from the original hip hop anthem. Johns’ dream-like vocals [...]
Mark Johns - In Paris (Prod. By Sable) [Free Download]