Not soon after reviewing Nick Warren’s new double album do we find ourselves reveling in its accompanying sampler. Releasing on Warren’s own label Hope Recordings, the Renaissance Sampler is filled with four top-notch remixes and one new production that are certain to please those who enjoy a deep, progressive sound. Darin Epsilon’s [...]
Darin Epsilon - Shine The Light (Ryan Davis Reconstruct) [Hope]
Darren Flecta - In Moments (Tom Glass In Da Rush Remix) [Hope]
Antrim - Blow Your Mind (Original Mix) [Hope]
For the past year and a half I’ve been constantly impressed with the few EPs released by German producer Ryan Davis. Known for his gentle expression through minimal house, I knew that this guy wasn’t just going to compile eleven random tracks for an album–instead, he has given us something distinctly crafted and incredibly respectable. [...]
Ryan Davis - Head In The Clouds (Original Mix) [Traum]
Ryan Davis - When The Rain Drops Soft (Original Mix) [Traum]
Ryan Davis - The Field (Original Mix) [Traum]
Earlier this year, Berlin-based producer Ryan Davis dropped his Routes of Life EP on Traum records. A perfectly sync-ed blend of progressive and minimal techno, this immense release shows off a dreamy soundscape across three originals and two remixes. The EP starts off with Roads, a track takes the seat out from under you, allowing it to [...]
Ryan Davis - Roads (Original Version) [Traum]
Ryan Davis - Sideways (Original Version) [Traum]
Ryan Davis - Loophole (Original Version) [Traum]