US producer Audien has had a pretty productive year, with his big-room style providing a perfect crossover between trance and progressive house. From Wayfarer (which came in at #5 on our Top Trance Tracks Of 2013) to Iris to Ciao, Nate Rathbun has firmly established the Audien name as one of the biggest breakthrough acts of the year. To [...]
Audien feat. Ruby Prophet - Circles (Original Mix) [Zouk]
Connecticut prodigy Audien usually hangs around in more progressive trance territory, but this time uplifting piano house of the highest degree is in order with his new single on Zouk, These Are The Days. I’m unsure as to why the producer otherwise known as Nate Rathbun released this under his Audien moniker rather than his up-and-coming [...]
Audien feat Ruby Prophet - These Are The Days (Original Mix) [Zouk]