What makes a great remix? Do you prefer a slightly deviated take on the track in question or a completely new concept thrown in with bits of the original? I guess it depends on the remixer. In some cases, like Galimatias’ remix of All Recklessness Aside by The Walton Hoax, the vibe stays the same: sad and summery. Others, like [...]
Royal-T - Don't Call Me Baby (Original Mix) [Rinse]
The Walton Hoax - All Recklessness Aside (Original Mix) [Loodma]
Soul Clap feat Charles Levine - Lonely C (Original Mix) [!K7]
Julio Bashmore - Au Seve (Original Mix) [Broadwalk]
Blawan - Why They Hide Their Bodies Under My Garage (Original Mix) [Hinge Finger]
“One day you’ll see grime pays”–the memorable words of popular UK grime artist Wiley. It wasn’t long ago that grime was soaring to the top of the UK charts, eventually surpassing all but the largest pop acts. Some might even compare the grime scene from a decade ago to today’s trap scene–a trending subgenre of dance music that everyone [...]
Royal-T - Don't Call Me Baby (Original Mix) [Rinse]
Royal-T - Missing Aurora (Original Mix) [Rinse]
Royal-T feat P Money - Cruel To Be Kind (Original Mix) [Rinse]
If Butterz label founders Elijah and Skilliam weren’t known for their grime-centric DJ segment on Rinse FM, the eponymous Rinse 17 mix by the DJ duo might be classified as another genre, like post-dubstep or UK garage. Calling Rinse 17 a “grime” DJ mix would be doing it a disservice–the mix is a journey through several genres of dance [...]
P Jam - Arizona Skyz (Original Mix) [Rinse]
Royal-T - Orangeade (VIP) [Rinse]
Terror Danjah feat Ruby Lee Ryder - Full Attention (Original Mix) [Rinse]