When the clock struck 11 on the second night of Insomniac’s flagship festival, the magical Kinetic Field owl spread its wings to welcome Eric Prydz to EDC Las Vegas for the very first time while a dark remix of Personal Jesus sent 40,000 “headliners” into a frenzy. Halfway through the opening track, fireworks and flamethrowers lit up the [...]
Pryda - Rotonda (Original Mix) [Pryda]
Pryda - Layers (Original Mix) [Pryda]
Hey there, welcome to your Wednesday Newsbyte. Whether you’re frolicking around Las Vegas waiting for the madness to begin or cursing your work schedule and bank account while brooding at home, we’ve got new music and news sure to pick you right up, or make your day that much better. Enjoy. EDM Gets Down To Bizness The annual EDMbiz [...]
ETC!ETC! x Brillz x Diplo - Bueller VIP (Preview)