“One day you’ll see grime pays”–the memorable words of popular UK grime artist Wiley. It wasn’t long ago that grime was soaring to the top of the UK charts, eventually surpassing all but the largest pop acts. Some might even compare the grime scene from a decade ago to today’s trap scene–a trending subgenre of dance music that everyone [...]
Royal-T - Don't Call Me Baby (Original Mix) [Rinse]
Royal-T - Missing Aurora (Original Mix) [Rinse]
Royal-T feat P Money - Cruel To Be Kind (Original Mix) [Rinse]
Fans of Rinse FM have probably heard of the name Swindle, especially if they have listened to the grime/dubstep program curated by Rinse DJs Elijah and Skilliam. It was but a few months ago that Swindle released two tunes on the Elijah and Skilliam’s Butterz label, one of which Swindle co-produced with SIlkie, a man known for massive [...]
Swindle - Do The Jazz (Original Mix) [Deep Medi Musik]
Swindle - Under The Sun (Original Mix) [Deep Medi Musik]
Swindle - If I Was A Super Hero (Original Mix) [Deep Medi Musik]
Rinse FM has long been one of London’s most essential underground stations, and as a former host of their Grimey Breakfast Show, Leon Smart knows the UK bass scene like the back of his hand. On the back of a string of well-received 12″s under the alias Scratcha DVA, he drops his first LP Pretty Ugly operating simply as DVA . A couple of [...]
DVA feat Fatima - Just Vybe (Original Mix) [Hyperdub]
DVA - Bare Fuzz (Original Mix) [Hyperdub]
DVA feat Cornelia - Pretty Ugly (Original Mix) [Hyperdub]
Simple, yet complex. Dark, yet uplifting. Gritty, yet soulful. Sibian & Faun have managed to craft a song with vibes that stand emotionally opposed to one another. I’m Sorry is not just another song, it’s art. This type of musical genius is incredibly rare, but it seems like Glasgow label Numbers intends to change that. I’m Sorry [...]
Sibian & Faun - I'm Sorry (Original Mix) [Numbers]
If Butterz label founders Elijah and Skilliam weren’t known for their grime-centric DJ segment on Rinse FM, the eponymous Rinse 17 mix by the DJ duo might be classified as another genre, like post-dubstep or UK garage. Calling Rinse 17 a “grime” DJ mix would be doing it a disservice–the mix is a journey through several genres of dance [...]
P Jam - Arizona Skyz (Original Mix) [Rinse]
Royal-T - Orangeade (VIP) [Rinse]
Terror Danjah feat Ruby Lee Ryder - Full Attention (Original Mix) [Rinse]